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Details: Willie was given to the current owner by someone else. She took him in so he didn't end up in the wrong hands because he was listed for "free" on a group site and the previous owner said they were just going to "set him loose". This is always a scary situation for bunnies. His savior is unable to keep him long term. She has noted that Willie is a bit skittish and seems scared to be held. But once you hold him and he relaxes a bit, he realized that he likes being held and that if feels good to snuggle. He is patient while being brushed and getting his nails clipped. 

Waiting Since: 1/12/2024

Urgency (1-10): 6

Breed: Lion head

Approximate Age: 6 months

Gender: Male 

Spayed/Neutered: No 

Status: Foster to Adopt


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