The following rabbits are available through the Romeo Rabbit Rescue. If you do not see a rabbit that fits your needs, please email us at info@romeorabbitrescue.com as we have a lengthy surrender list and are connected with other local rabbit rescues. 

Please note that the ages listed are approximate and  based upon surrender information and/or veterinarian estimates.

The following table describes the statuses that display for rabbits. 

Status Description
Available - Adoption This rabbit is available for adoption.
Available - Baby

This baby is available for adoption but is with a foster. You can apply, but adoption might take a while. 

  • Babies stay with one foster so they can be with their litter mates and mom.  
  • Once separated from mom, they stay with their next foster until they are spayed/neutered. 
Foster to Adopt This rabbit is available only for foster to adopt. Typically, this means the rabbit needs to be spayed or neutered but can be placed in a pre-adoptive home while waiting for the procedure.
Medical Hold This rabbit is temporarily on a medical hold while we are addressing some issues. He/she will be available as soon as possible. 
Bonded This rabbit is bonded to another rabbit and cannot be separated from its mate. Bonded rabbits are happy rabbits!