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Details: Toffee came from the larges bunny explosion case we've ever worked on. He is one of eighty-eight bunnies living in one Livonia home. A bunny explosion case is different than a hoarding case. Bunny explosions happen most commonly when at least one bunny is misgendered and in no time a surprise litter shows up. Because bunnies multiply like, well, rabbits, before the owners know what's going on, more litters begin to appear, and more until their home is over-run by bunnies. Bunny explosions are more common than people may realize but can be easily prevented by ensuring your bunnies are accurately sexed and getting them spayed and neutered as soon as possible. Or by simply adopting from a reputable rescue.

Toffee is a sweet boy who needs a minute to warm up to new people. Once you've earned his trust, he is quite affectionate. He's a curious boy who enjoys exploring a new environment. He spent his first eleven weeks of life in a foster home with young children so he is comfortable with kids who can respect bunny boundaries. 

Born: September 13, 2023

Sponsor: N/A

Status: Available - Adoption


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