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The Fab Five

The Fab Five

Bunny Bio

Ever want to own a colony of tiny rabbits that all get along and actually enjoy being held? Don't miss your chance!

These five Netherland Dwarfs (two are Nethie/Holland Lop mixes) were surrendered to us when their owner could no longer care for them. We're ok with that because they were being kept outside. They now are living the life of luxury indoors and are enjoying every minute of it! When they first came to us, they would all huddle on top of each other to keep warm. It only took them a day or so before they realized they didn't need to do that anymore. Enough about their past, let's introduce you to each of them. 

Pixie (solid black Netherland Dwarf): She is 3 and is mama to Jack and Stash. She came to us with an eye injury which she is being treated for and we hope that the vet will continue to see progress with it but she could be blind in that eye. Don't let that fool you though! Pixie is one smart little girl and she is so loving. She loves to run around but also loves to be held and snuggled. 

Jack (light brown Netherland Dwarf/Holland Lop): Jack is 2 and is very confident. He's the ringleader of the group and is the first to seek new adventures. 

Stash (brown and white Netherland Dwarf/Holland Lop): She is 2 and is the biggest of the group at 4.5 lbs. She's the first to run out for treats and loves to explore with her brother Jack. She's the most dominant of the group but doesn't assert herself. 

Cocoa (solid dark brown Netherland Dwarf): He is two and is the most timid of the group. He will let you pick him up and hold him and when you do, he will stay forever. He is a complete love. 

Patches (white and black Netherland Dwarf): Just look at him! Those ears! That face! He is all Nethie! He even has a bit of a mohawk tucked between his sassy little ears. Patches takes a bit to warm up but once he does, he is all fun! He will let you hold and snuggle him too! He is 2. 

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