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Details: Rudy was given as a gift to a two-year-old child when his family visited a farm. The inexperienced family took Rudy, and another bunny (Abbie) home, not knowing how to properly care for bunnies. They kept them outdoors, sharing one enclosure, though they are male and female, and fed them fruit and vegetable scraps. The toddler quickly lost interest in the bunnies. Fortunately, the bunnies were young enough that Abbie did not get pregnant. A family acquaintance became aware of the situation and contacted Romeo Rabbit Rescue for help. The acquaintance became an emergency foster for the buns until we were able to make room at the rescue. Rudy was quite fearful for the first couple months but has grown to be social, friendly, and affectionate. He loves pets and cuddles and is easy to handle. He has impeccable litter habits and is quite playful.

Born: March 2023

Sponsor: N/A

Status: Adopted


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