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Poppy and Rose

Poppy and Rose

Bunny Bio

Poppy and Rose are just the funniest, loveliest, bonded pair of mother/daughter Californian rabbits. Even though they came from a hoarding situation, they have never once showed any aggression whatsoever to their foster, or each other. Their foster has been making slow progress with them, and they will now accept pets and head scratches, although they are still skittish about it. They are working hard on trusting people and are doing a great job at it!

These girls enjoy their house life now. They often flop, do binkies, and show each other tons of love by licking and grooming each other. They are big (about 10 lbs each), healthy, curious, active girls, so they require a lot of space. They need an adopter who can be very patient and loving as they have moved around a bunch. They will likely take a bit to acclimate to another new environment. 

Estimated age: Poppy 2 years, Rose 8 months

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