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Penelope and Naomi

Penelope and Naomi

Details: Penelope (more black on her face) and Naomi are sisters born thirty days apart. Their mother was rescued by a bunny rescuer who had male bunnies of her own. The rescuer believed their mother to also be a male until she delivered a litter of babies. She immediately separated her from her males, but it was too late. She was pregnant again within hours of giving birth (before the first litter was even discovered) and thirty day's later came another litter. Naomi is from the first litter and Penelope is from the second litter. They came to us at three and four months old and have always lived side by side until after they were spayed, at which time putting them together confirmed what we had suspected: their sisterly bond runs deep. They've been two peas in a pod ever since. These sisters are friendly, affectionate, and easy to handle. Penelope seeks out attention more than her sister, but Naomi loves attention as well. Penelope and Naomi have higher than usual grooming needs but tolerate it very well. They do well with gentle children and will probably get along fine with non-threatening cats and dogs

Born: November 15, 2022 (Naomi) December 15, 2022 (Penelope)

Sponsor: N/A

Status: Adopted


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