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Details: Nellie was a stray that was taken in by her current owner when she found her roaming on the streets. She worked for quite some time to bond her with her current rabbit but was unsuccessful (these things happen). She does not have the space in her current living situation to have two rabbits and needs to rehome Nellie. Nellie is super playful, sweet, and curious about her environment. She is not very shy at all, and loves pets and lounging around. She definitely has her spurts of energy and gets the zoomies often. She can be a bit territorial about things in her environment at times if she isn't super comfortable, but is not aggressive. She is also very silly! If she ever does anything a bit naughty or chews something she shouldn't, she binkies away when she gets caught as if she thinks it's hilarious!

Waiting Since: 3/7/2024

Urgency (1-10): 6

Breed: New Zealand

Approximate Age: 2

Gender: Female

Spayed/Neutered: Yes 

Status: Foster to Adopt


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