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Jasper and Luna

Jasper and Luna

Bunny Bio

Jasper and Luna are a bonded pair of blue-eyed Holland Lops who will melt your heart. 

Luna is a big-time cuddle bun. She originally came to us (named Sapphire) when her teenage owner thought she had stasis. We were told she wouldn’t eat anything and was losing weight. She arrived starving to death - skin and bones. But she gobbled down everything we gave her. She did not have stasis - she was neglected. She was adopted after meeting her furever mom at the peach fest in 2022 and was loved, adored, and doted on. She loves to be held and cuddled and really became a therapy bun for her mama. But her mama’s work schedule increased and she didn’t want Luna to be alone so she brought Luna to meet some boys and Luna picked Jasper. Jasper was a bus stop lop, one of three holland lops dumped at a bus stop in Flint. He was in really bad shape when he came in, without any fur on his ears or fingers and toes. He was sick, also, with an URI. Jasper is a bit stand off-ish and reserved. It takes him time to warm up to new people. Until he does, you can expect him to box you a bit until he learns to trust you but he will never bite. You can also expect him to stair you down and watch you like a hawk with his smashingly handsome eyes. He has a lot of depth to his eyes and his soul, and you can see it just by looking at him. And when you finally earn his trust, he just wants endless pets and cuddles. He’s a wonderful rabbit. When he’s given free roam space he’s the king of zoomies and binkies!

Jasper relies heavily on Luna. She’s his rock, his comfort. He seems lost without her. He’s clearly been through a lot and it shows in his intake video. Luna has been as well but she is more resilient. Jasper is more sensitive with a harder exterior but when you break through the exterior, you will find a big softie inside.

Approximate age: 2-3 years

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