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Franklin & Juniper

Franklin & Juniper

Details: Franklin & Juniper's owner can no longer afford to continue to care for this beautiful bonded pair. 

According the his owner, Franklin is very sweet but a bit timid as he was abused by his breeder and had a negative interaction with a rabbit in the past. His skittish behavior has gotten a bit worse since he lost vision in his right eye. He certainly enjoys attention, but he doesn't always know how to accept it. Franklin has glaucoma and receives eye drops for it. 

Junie LOVES people and attention once she warms up but she is a little bit sassy. I fully believe she understands everything I say to her and she ALWAYS has an opinion. She is deeply bonded to Franklin.

Waiting Since: 2/6/2024

Urgency (1-10): 2

Breed: Franklin is a Holland Lop; Juniper is a Netherland Dwarf

Approximate Age: Franklin was born 2/13/2021; Juniper was born 6/3/2020

Gender: Male & Female

Spayed/Neutered: Yes 

Status: Foster to Adopt


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