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Foxy and Lady

Foxy and Lady

Bunny Bio

Foxy and Lady are Netherland Dwarf/ Lionhead mixes that are a bonded pair. Together, they lived the first three years of their lives in a hamster size cage with poor quality pellets, no hay, zero enrichment and was being picked up by the scruff of their necks.  

Foxy is a sweet and curious bunny that has blossomed under proper care and handling.  She likes to be held while being tucked under your arm so she can look around. She does require above average amount of grooming due to her long fur. She prefers more frequent, shorter grooming sessions than longer sessions.  She is an active bunny that adores her sister.

Lady is more reserved than her sister. She is also the dominate bunny between the two.  She loves her greens and likes to explore and be close to her sister. 

Both tested positive for E.C. but have been treated. 

Approximate age: 4.5 years

Sponsor: Deanna LaBudde


Available - Adoption

Foxy & Lady's Videos

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