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Details: Ellie is a beautiful blue-eyed double-maned lionhead who makes a great lap bunny! She was surrendered as a male named Eeyore, but her intake exam revealed her true gender. She is friendly and affectionate, but also packs a little punch. She has the potential to "box" if approached and grabbed too fast, but absolutely loves affection and is very easy to hold and handle. She enjoys being pet, is excellent about being groomed, which is great because she requires more grooming than your average bunny. She even enjoys being carried around in your arms. Ellie's easy-going nature makes her a good bunny for calm kids. She will likely make a great companion bunny for a male (and possibly a female) bunny.

She is close with her neighbor is Cee Cee, who may also be a good bond-mate for her. Ellie will probably also do well with non-threatening cats and dogs.

Born: June 2021

Sponsor: n/a

Status: Adopted



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