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Bunny Bio

Charlie is one of Mama Diva's litter of nine beautiful babies that were brought into our rescue right after being born. Mama D came to us from a family that had two accidental litters. Along with the help of other rescues, we were able to bring Mama D and both of her litters in where they will be spayed/neutered at the right ages and then adopted out to loving families. Mama D will go back to her family once her time is done with the babies and once she's been spayed. 

Charlie is a beautiful Dutch baby boy and is brown and white in color. He cannot be separated from his littermates until he is at least 8 weeks old and then he cannot be adopted until he's been neutered but you can apply to Foster to Adopt!

Please note, in the image Charlie's name shows as Charlotte. We thought he was a she but as he grew, we kept checking and were able to determine that he is in fact a boy!

Born: February 3, 2024

Sponsor: Shannon


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