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Alfi and Oliver

Alfi and Oliver

Details: Alfi and Oliver are a partially bonded pair. Their current living conditions don’t allow for animals. Their owner recently had a baby and is unable to provide the time needed for both bunnies. 

Alfie is very cuddly and calm. He shows aggression when his brother Oliver is in his territory. Oliver is slightly skittish. He had a previous home where he was trampled often by a dog. Alfi has only been around Oliver. They do great in a neutral territory together. Oliver has been around a dog and was often terrified of it.

Waiting Since: 10/28/2023

Urgency (1-10): 6

Breed: Dwarf mix

Approximate Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Both are neutered 

Status: Foster to Adopt


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