Collection: Current Surrender List

Romeo Rabbit Rescue works to help keep rabbits in loving homes, but we also recognize that this is not always possible. We do offer a surrender option but, like with many rescues, the intake process can take time due to limited foster availability and the large number of rabbits in the rescue already. 

The list below shows the rabbits currently on our surrender list. They are not placed in RRR yet. We do not have an available foster home. These rabbits are still with their owners but due to extenuating circumstances beyond their loving family's control, they can no longer keep them. We are posting them here to help expedite the surrender process in a safe manner. 

You can apply to Foster to Adopt and we can assist with the process quickly, but please note on your application that you are interested in a rabbit on the surrender list. Keep in mind that this list changes quickly and the owner might already have found placement elsewhere. We will not provide direct contact information for the current owners. We will handle all of that for you. We will not tolerate any bashing or shaming towards the owners. We are here to protect the rabbits and find them the best home and a happy future. 

Please note, if you need to surrender a rabbit, use our Surrender Request Form, but understand that with our current surrenders, it might take time to intake your rabbit to the rescue. Please read the entire form for details.