About RHDV2

What we know

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease is a fatal disease in rabbits and is classified as a foreign animal disease in the United States. In February 2020, animal health officials detected rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus serotype 2 (RHDV2) in the United States. Since detection, RHDV2 has spread to multiple states across the southwest and is continuing to spread across the US.

The facts


  • Is highly contagious and fatal
  • Affects both domestic and wild rabbits
  • Does not impact humans


Since RHDV2 spreads between rabbits, you can take action at home to reduce exposure by:

  1. Not allowing your pet rabbit to graze in outdoor areas that are frequented by wild rabbits.
  2. Ensuring that shoes worn outside are not worn in areas of the home where your pet rabbit has access.
  3. Not feeding weeds and flowers to your indoor rabbits from outdoor areas frequented by wild rabbits.
  4. Washing your hands before and after handling rabbits.
  5. Vaccinating your pet rabbit. RRR does its best to vaccinate our rabbits prior to adoption but due to availability of the vaccine, this isn't always possible. 


  • Pecan, a brown and whitelarge mixed breed baby rabbit with large brown ears, starting at the camera.


  • Button, a small brown and white mixed breed rabbit, staring directly at the camera.


  • JJ's light brown lion head baby in a blue coffee cup

    JJ's Baby

  • Ceecee, a black and gray petite lion head, sits on a cream ottoman.