Our story

Romeo Rabbit Rescue (RRR) was founded in July 2021 when the founder, Erin, rescued eleven meat rabbits from a local farm. As the initial eleven, and soon many more, worked themselves into her heart, RRR became an important part of her daily life.  

Though her family had owned rabbits prior to starting RRR, she simply did not understand them completely until she fully invested herself to their care and well-being. Once she did, she was truly awestruck at the undeniable human-like qualities they possess and realized that they truly are the most misunderstood domestic animal. Rabbits:

  • Are sensitive and loyal nature
  • Have a strong need for constant companionship.
  • Form a deep bond to their human families.

It became Erin’s mission to protect, rehabilitate, and educate others on these magnificent animals.

Rudy the white and gray rabbit sits on a light colored sofa and stares directly into the camera

By the numbers

From our start in July 2021 to October 2023 and with the help of her volunteers, RRR has:

  • Rescued 263 rabbits
  • Facilitated 140 spays/neuters
  • Facilitated 132 adoptions
  • Happily boarded over 32 bunnies
  • Successfully bonded 24 pairs
  • Completed over 40 community education & outreach events