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Summer and Berry

Summer and Berry

Details: Summer and Berry are petite Netherland Dwarf sisters that never leave each other's sides! Summer (black and white), a pint-sized ball of energy, is normally the watch dog (or bun) at the front of their pen while Berry, who is more reserved, takes cover in the litter box! They lived in an outdoor hutch for nearly 5 years before they were surrendered by their owner, who wanted better for them than they were able to provide. They were unaltered on intake and recently spayed, during which, multiple growths were discovered in Berry's uterus. Though all growths were removed with the surgery, more follow up is needed to ensure Berry is healthy prior to adoption. Therefor, Summer and Berry are available for a foster or foster to adopt program until Berry is cleared by a vet to be healthy enough for adoption. A foster family will need to be able to work with them daily on their litter training, which has been slowly improving since their spays.

Born: July 2018

Sponsor: N/A

Status: Medical Hold (pending follow up on Berry), Foster, Foster to Adopt


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