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Details: Simba first came to Romeo Rabbit Rescue with his brother, Teddy, for bonding services. The two boys showed great potential in the beginning, but became territorial and competitive with each other after returning home. After months of working with them at home, their owners decided it would be best to surrender Simba, who was purchased from his breeder to be Teddy's companion shortly after Teddy was purchased (both as babies), and find a female companion bunny for Teddy instead.

Simba is an adorably handsome, sweet, and affection little harlequin lionhead who may shy away at first, but only until he gets to know you. He loves affection and is fairly easy to hold and handle. He is okay around children as long as they are calm and respect his space. He will probably bond well with a female bunny and may be fine around non-threatening cats and dogs. Simba is curious and likes to explore. He will be happy in a home with daily free roam to explore his surroundings and lots of human interaction.

Born: October 2022

Sponsor: N/A

Status: Adopted


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