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Details: Piper was rescued along with five other siblings (Honey, Puff, Jimmy, Huey, and Floof) after being crammed in a hutch with twenty plus other bunnies. When onlookers complained, the owner of the property demanded the stockpiler of the bunnies get rid of them, so he set them "free" then declared "Let the hawks get them." Piper and siblings were approximately seven weeks old at the time. One night in March 2023, Piper and her brother, Huey, each climbed out of their 48' xpens and enjoyed a mischievous night of "romping." On April 2, their babies were born.) Piper is the most skittish of her litter and takes quite a bit of time to build trust, but when she does, she bonds deeply and enjoys affection. Her pen is next to her mini-me daughter, Bambi, who she seems to still share a great bond with. They may end up being a great mother-daughter duo after Bambi's spay. Piper is a beautiful, agouti brown larger breed bunny with good litter habits. She will be happiest free roaming in a calm home without young children and will need someone who is patient and skilled at working with fearful bunnies.

Born: October 2022

Sponsor: n/a

Status: Available - Adoption


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