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Details: Groundscore's finder found him laying in the road in bad weather. So far, no owners have stepped forward for him.

His keeper reports him as brave and curious but he's calm when held. He likes to explore the spare room. Seems to enjoy being pet and will relax in my lap. This rabbit might also be listed with other reputable rescues. 

Additional information provided by the finder: Groundscore had been on the run for awhile. Others had reportedly been trying to catch him/her. The rabbit had some wounds and seemed very hungry, but those wounds have since healed nicely. Groundscore has not seen a vet, as the finder was hoping someone would claim their lost pet and cannot afford this expense at this time. Finder believes this rabbit is young but admits to not having a lot of experience with rabbits.

Waiting Since: 2/15/2024

Urgency (1-10): 8

Breed: Possibly Himalayan

Approximate Age: Unknown

Gender: Unsure

Spayed/Neutered: Unknown 

Status: Foster to Adopt


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