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Details: Cotton was found stray and ended up in a shelter in Bloomfield Hills where he was neutered before coming to us. He is young, adorable, and melt-your-heart affectionate. He always comes running for attention and will cuddle endlessly. He gets his name from his brilliantly white cotton-soft fluff that is so appealing to run your fingers through. Cotton is a REW (Ruby-Eyed-White). Most people who've had REWs can attest there is something extra special about their personalities and the depth in which they bond to their humans, yet many still shy away from them due to the color of their eyes, which some believe look "creepy." A REW is simply an albino bunny. Their eyes are, in fact, clear. The redness we see comes from the color of the back of their eye sockets. People who shy away from REWs are missing out on what could've been the best pet companion they've ever owned. Sadly, many REWs remain in rescues or shelters much longer than their non-albino neighbors, while some of them spend their entire lives without ever finding a loving forever home. Cotton has recently begun accompanying us on bunny visits and he has been a huge favorite among children and adults alike because he is truly an amazing pint-sized-therapy bun.   

Born: February 2022

Sponsor: N/A

Status: Adopted


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