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Bean & Basil

Bean & Basil

Details: Bean and Basil's owners are unable to keep them. They have an older dog that despite having lived with these buns, has decided to start going after Bean and Basil. They are doing their best to keep the separate but fear that they are unable to keep them safe.

Basil and Bean are bonded with each other. Basil (brown and white) is the shyer of the two, and doesn’t relish being held. Bean (white) enjoys being held and pet. Both are curious bunnies and not at all aggressive.

Waiting Since: 1/18/2024

Urgency (1-10): 8 URGENT

Breed: Both Holland Lops

Approximate Age: Approximately 2

Gender: Females

Spayed/Neutered: Not spayed 

Status: Foster to Adopt


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